The 2018 Bluegrass Crime Stoppers Shootout was a great success-- Thank you to all who supported this year's Shootout!
Big thank you to Buds Gun Shop and all of our sponsors!
Congratulations to Debbie Wagner, who won the raffle.
Full scores and results posted below (in PDF form).
Big Congratulations to Tomas Ballinger, our Top Gun Master Shooter First Place finisher, for the second year in a row! Mr. Ballinger shot a 247 out of 250 with 12 Bullseyes. 
Here's a recap of the various class and category winners:
Master Class:
  1. Tomas Ballinger
  2. Connor Sands/Debbie Wagner (Tied)
  3. Chris Swayze

Expert Class:

  1. William Derenge
  2. Michael Dement
  3. Sue Phelps

Sharpshooter Class:

  1. Josh Parker
  2. Phillip Spencer
  3. Chris Serafini

Marksman Class:

  1. Matt Green
  2. Thomas Carroll
  3. Anthony Galvan

Team Shoot:

  1. S&D Team 1
  2. Buds Team 1
  3. Tuesday Night Shooters Team 1

High Senior:

  1. Daniel Durbin
  2. Paul Hamilton
  3. William Kennoy

High Woman:

  1. Debbie Wagner
  2. Anna Khorran
  3. Sandra Hill

Law Enforcement:

  1. Debbie Wagner
  2. Mark Sands
  3. Michael Dement
Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks again to everyone who came out to support Bluegrass Crime Stoppers!